Women Mentoring Men in the Age of #MeToo. #MentorHim Too

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  This is a follow-up article to our November HuffPost piece “Men Mentoring Women: 8 Healthy Boundaries in the Age of #MeToo” Ladies, it is time to #MentorHim Too… I was reflecting a lot today on the new SurveyMonkey findings from Leanin.org that were not surprising but captured some of the anticipated backlash of the #MeToo movement. Some of the findings shared are: 1:2 … Read More

Men Mentoring Women- 8 Healthy Boundaries in the Age of #MeToo

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By Julie Kantor. Originally published 11-30-2018 on Catalyst.org (MARC site) and in the Huffington Post. Oh, No. Not Matt Lauer! Did Russell Simmons just step down? #MeToo continues and seems like a slow-motion movie that plays on and on. There is a toxic vibe in the air in Hollywood, Wall Street, on Capitol Hill, weary HR executives abound. According to an ABC News- Washington Post poll, … Read More