Why Do I Need A Mentor, I Have Google

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I was having an authentic conversation with one of my favorite Millennials Wade* and he calmly stated… “Why do I need a mentor, I have Google?” Wade went on to share that if he needs anything he would rather not bother people or have to listen to others with more experience speak for 40 minutes when the answer could come … Read More

#weneedmore: How Verizon is providing opportunities for kids to see a world of possibilities in STEM

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Verizon’s Rose Kirk (third from left) at Girls Who Code At Twomentor, we like to share bi-weekly thought leadership from phenomenal executives and social entrepreneurs focused on: a diverse skilled workforce, social impact entrepreneurship, mentoring cultures, sponsorship and elevating women in STEM careers. Today we had the privilege of catching up with Rose Kirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at … Read More

A Powerhouse Hidden Figure: Meet Abbott’s Top Engineer Corlis Murray

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Hidden Figures, a movie about the three female NASA mathematicians who helped put John Glenn into orbit? We want to introduce you to Corlis Murray, Abbott’s top engineer, whose story isn’t all that different from the brilliant black female mathematicians depicted in the Oscar-nominated film. When she was recruited by IBM for a high school engineering internship, her grandfather asked … Read More

Have You Tried Flash Mentoring Yet?

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When I started Twomentor a year and several months ago, my intention was (and is) to go in and help companies build mentoring cultures for so many reasons. I had already spoken with 500- 600 companies and institutions that were struggling with hiring and retaining diverse talent, especially in the Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (STEM) arena. Not one company would disagree that culture and employee engagement … Read More

Personalized Mentoring is the Best Teacher Succession Plan

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Today we caught up with Heather Lageman, Executive Director of Leadership Development at Baltimore County Public Schools on mentoring and our multi-generational teaching workforce… We were so taken by her thought process and observations, we wanted to share them with you! Twomentor: How is technology impacting the Mentoring of millennial teachers? What are you seeing? Heather: It is difficult to make … Read More

To Grow Their Participation In STEM, Women Need To Come Together Globally

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Women around the world face a unique struggle: they are continually advised to “close the wage gap” by pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields over liberal arts, and yet many women are prohibited from making such a choice. In some regions of the world, women are socially prevented from pursuing careers in STEM, particularly in the Middle East … Read More

20 Professional Discussions Millennials Should Have With Their Mentors (Part 1)

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Written with A. Crosser What is the culture of your organization?  What’s more important to you corporate values, mission or vision?  If you could start your company all over again, what would you have done differently? Were three of the thoughtfully selected questions asked by a bright young woman named Tong from The Washington Center internship program today as she ponders her … Read More