#weneedmore: How Verizon is providing opportunities for kids to see a world of possibilities in STEM

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Verizon’s Rose Kirk (third from left) at Girls Who Code At Twomentor, we like to share bi-weekly thought leadership from phenomenal executives and social entrepreneurs focused on: a diverse skilled workforce, social impact entrepreneurship, mentoring cultures, sponsorship and elevating women in STEM careers. Today we had the privilege of catching up with Rose Kirk, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at … Read More

Have You Tried Flash Mentoring Yet?

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When I started Twomentor a year and several months ago, my intention was (and is) to go in and help companies build mentoring cultures for so many reasons. I had already spoken with 500- 600 companies and institutions that were struggling with hiring and retaining diverse talent, especially in the Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (STEM) arena. Not one company would disagree that culture and employee engagement … Read More