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Thank you for joining Anthem’s Government Business Divisions executive leadership summit. I have received feedback from many of the leaders in attendance who have described the session as impactful.  They described you as enthusiastic, contagious, brave, and bold. The time spent making the business case for mentorship and sponsorship was the perfect set up for the time spent on flash mentoring. Several leaders have shared with me individually that they were inspired to both be a better mentor and to find mentors who can challenge them to grow. We look forward to working with you again soon.
Jenn Crenshaw, Vice President, Human Resources
Anthem, Inc.

Julie Kantor CEO of Twomentor
Is a high level professional that any company would benefit from by receiving her business concepts and mentoring philosophy
I highly recommend her.

Dennis Ratner, CEO Ratner Companies (Haircuttery, Bubbles, Cielo)

Business@American (American University) is proud to be working with Julie Kantor and her colleagues at Twomentor to help us accelerate our career services programming for our fully online MBA and MS Analytics degree programs at the Kogod School of Business. Building on Twomentors’ mentoring expertise, Julie brings creativity to help design new ways to engage this student community for career success.

Jill Klein, American University 

Executive Director (Interim), Center for Teaching, Research and Learning and Executive in Residence

 Julie Kantor has dedicated her skills as a leader in social impact and network building to Leadership Greater Washington for nearly two years. As Co-leader of our 2017 Signature Program, Julie led program days and discussions for some of the Greater Washington’s top leaders. She was instrumental in suggesting and securing some of the highest ranked venues and speakers. Julie also introduced unique approaches to facilitate learning. Additionally, she finds time to volunteer as a Class Ambassador for Leadership Greater Washington, representing the Class of 2000 and their role in our membership network. Julie is an expert in the field of community building and mentorship and lends her knowledge and expertise to numerous initiatives resulting in measurable successes and lasting impact for her clients.

Douglas Duncan President & CEO, Leadership Greater Washington

“Julie Kantor recently led a thought-provoking workshop on intergenerational relationships in the workplace for Leadership Montgomery’s Emerging Leaders program. Julie was relatable and engaging and a pleasure to work with.”

Ali Levingston, Vice President, Leadership Programs, Leadership Montgomery

“Hearing Twomentor’s Julie Kantor speak at the LiftED Conference was a game changer for so many of our attendees!  Her remarks opened dialogues and minds to new possibilities! Her passion and clear understanding of the demands placed on today’s classroom teachers had the audience hanging on every word.  They were so eager to continue the conversation after the session.  I really appreciated how easy it was to work with the Twomentor team as we designed the session to meet the needs of our group.”

Michelle Accardi, Director, Policy and Partnerships National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

“Julie is one of the top executives in DC. She is one of my heroes. Her passion, work, and commitment to building movements are a true inspiration to her team and all those who have had the privilege of working with her. She is a born leader, a courageous visionary who knows how to deliver.”
Tien Wong
CEO, Tech 2000

Chairman, Lore Systems
Chairman, Opus 8

“Julie graciously offered to come present her topic ‘Ladies, It’s Time to Sponsor Her (and Each Other)’ to one of our large women network groups via a virtual webinar.  She did a great job conveying facts and stories in an engaging way.  Her passion on the topic of women in STEM is easy to hear.”
Laura Moore, Global Women’s Program Manager, IBM

“You provided great insight into the value of mentoring [at our System Diversity Conference] and most importantly the role mentoring plays for females, particularly encouraging and supporting females into STEM professions.”                                 Government Client

“I had the pleasure of seeing Julie Kantor’s presentation at the WiTi conference. It was one of the most engaging, insightful, and inspirational events I attended at WiTi. Julie used hard facts, coupled with real-life experiences to successfully outline the importance of mentorships/ sponsorships programs inside all corporations.  I left her session motivated and inspired to not only make a difference in my organization but to implement a mentorship program.”

Sara Akhteh Co-Founder, CreatorUp

“The NUDC specifically reached out to Twomentor because we knew that Julie and her team would deliver a high-quality webinar focusing on millennials in the utility industry.  Julie and her team exceeded our expectations with an interactive webinar that was very well received!  Most importantly, we had a lot of fun working with Julie.  She is very flexible and passionate about mentoring, and willing to engage in thought-provoking dialogue.”

Preya Nixon and Laurie Dowling National Utilities Diversity Council

“Twomentor, LLC has offered valuable guidance as we build our Sidwell Internship programming.  Julie Kantor came in and provided an invaluable session for or students embarking on their first internships.  Her guidance and mentorship were immensely practical and easily digestible, and our students walked away much more confident about how to get the most out of their internship this summer. We were very fortunate to have learned from all of her experience and lessons from the workplace.”

Robert Gross Sidwell Friends High School

“I don’t often meet dynamic women who are more passionate about entrepreneurship than I am, Julie Kantor just may have me beat. Almost every conversation Julie and I have somehow come back to empowerment and individual responsibility – two of the values we both hold dear in our lives. It is so hard for me to believe that I have only known Julie for just over one year; we met at a NFTE fundraising event here in the DC area. At the time I was serving on the board of advisors of NFTE South Florida, everyone with the South Florida office LOVES Julie Kantor and raved about her success here in DC. I was so nervous to meet her; she seemed bigger than life in their descriptions of her – a real DC power broker. I was so delighted to learn why she is so respected by everyone – she is GENUINE and has the gift of making you feel like you are the center of her universe when she is speaking to you. I gained a lifelong friend in an instant. Julie and I have had the pleasure of working together at the parent company of Barrel of Jobs, New Signature. During our time working together, I learned more about what has led to Julie’s success. She works hard! She sets a goal, she clears the roadblocks and she makes things happen. Julie listens to the experts around her; no matter their age or years of experience. I can tell you that Julie S. Kantor will be an asset to any organization! I will look for opportunities to work with her again in commerce or in the community. Julie is a true powerhouse, an inspiration. If you don’t know her yet do yourself a favor and find a reason to get to know her – you won’t be sorry!”
Jenn Crenshaw Vice President & Human Resources, Anthem, Inc.

“There are people that stand out as leaders by just walking into a room and there are people who know how to get things done…then there’s Julie who is the complete package. She is a magnetic and effective leader and operator and I’d jump at the chance to collaborate with her.”
Amy Millman President, Springboard Enterprises

“It was a pleasure to work with Julie. She is smart, hard-working, well organized and thoughtful. She cares about STEM and can make an important impact on whatever issue she is working on. It is a pleasure to recommend her.”
Steven M. Rothstein CEO, Citizen Schools

“I had been following Julie on LinkedIn for a while and loved her advice and admired her balanced approach to women mentoring women of all generations in the workplace. We were so blessed to have Julie Kantor work with Women in Technology’s Executive SIG and Women of ATT to bring together a powerful evening of insight and engagement that would normally take a weekend to fulfill, in just a few hours. Her passion, insight, and ability to provide a true working session among women of all career tracks and various experiences along a journey of sharing and consultation were powerful. I highly recommend Julie for any organization who is concerned about retention and empowering women in their organizations. As the market for talent is getting hotter, retaining and empowering will become critical to success for organizations ability to hold onto their best performers many of whom are women.”

Laura Curtis, Senior Strategic Marketing Lead, VION Corporation and Vice Chair, Executive Women in Leadership SIG for Women in Technology (WIT)

“I have known Julie for over 11 years. She was the first chief trainer for our India project, I Create Inc and trained 30 master trainers at our first center in India. She did a fabulous job, in providing both the content and the methodology, organizing the training event and motivating the trainees. With that start, I Create has now 15 centers in India and has trained over 40,000. She is extremely pleasant to work with and yet works with great discipline, plans and prepares well and follows through to ensure implementation. She is an exceptionally talented professional and will be a great asset to any organization she works with.”
Harsh Bhargava
President, Bankworld Inc, A Consulting firm with experience in 75 countries
President (Pro Bono), I Create Inc

“Julie was the program chairperson and one of the featured speakers at the 2015 IIR Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summit (Bentley University). Working with Julie on-site was an energizing experience with great results. Julie gave a very engaging and practical presentation about mentoring and really enhanced the value of the program for attendees as the Summit Chairperson. She was able to make impactful contributions to the content throughout the day but also was one of the best people I have seen engage an audience in discussion and collaboration while making everyone in the room feel at ease.”
Elizabeth Cutler Event Strategy & Management Executive, IIRUSA

“I was recently at an event where Julie provided the keynote address. The audience was filled with women entrepreneurs who are just embarking on their business ownership experiences. Julie’s comments were down to earth and poignant. All of us were inspired by her (and her family’s) story and ready to take on the challenges that will certainly present themselves in our path. I would highly recommend Julie as a speaker and mentor. She is dynamic and can hold a group’s attention. She understands the ins and outs of small business development and has just the right personality to be firm, while upbeat and extremely motivating as a mentor and/or sponsor. I look forward to finding ways to work with Julie in the future!”

Marla Bilonik Executive Director, Latino Economic Development Corporation

” Julie’s enthusiasm for empowering people in entrepreneurship is contagious as well as effective. She gives 110% or more to everything she does.”
Julie Lenzer Kirk US Department of Commerce, Catalyst for Economic Growth through Innovation

“Julie lives and breathes entrepreneurship. Her commitment to helping young entrepreneurs develop and her selflessness is at the highest level. What she has accomplished is exemplary. If you want a project done right, with humor and empathy Julie is the best person for the job.”
Jonathan Aberman
Managing Direct, Amplifier Ventures
Chair, FoundersCorp

“The participants needed to hear the message you delivered… There was a lot to absorb from your presentation and the discussion on Millennials.  We are now talking more openly about how generations can bridge differences as we work together.”      

 Client, Federal Reserve Bank