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Building Corporate Mentoring Initiatives & 8 Steps to Get Started

We are at the halfway mark with our 18 cities Corporate Mentor Roadtrip™ (see below) this year with amazing partners and are very excited to share with you some big learning! In this video, you will learn how corporate and organizational mentoring drives: 1] Inclusion, community and belonging in your workforce 2] Better retention and […]

Want to See Women Thrive in the Global Workforce? Sponsor Them.

Written by Mackenzie Moore Most of us have seen the stats out there about women in the workplace: women comprise 50% of the workforce but are underrepresented in top management and STEM fields. Historically, it was considered a pipeline issue: since women entered the workforce after men, they just needed more time to be recruited, […]

Why Mentors Hate Workplace Gossip

“Words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles.“ ~ Korean Proverb We’ve all been there at work. A perceived injustice, a mean look, a discourteous or catty remark. The confusion, then the anger sets in. The poison as The Four Agreement’s author Don Miguel Ruiz discusses so eloquently in his toltec wisdom guide has now been drunk… […]

10 Professional Discussions Millennials Should Have With Their Mentors

Co-written with A. Crosser What is the culture of your organization? What’s more important to you corporate values, mission or vision? If you could start your company all over again, what would you have done differently? Were three of the thoughtfully selected questions asked by a bright young woman named Tong from The Washington Center […]