Mentor Road Trip™ Flash Mentoring

“Twomentor’s Flash mentoring was the show stopper and top-rated activity for our company’s conference. We loved how Julie and her team pulled the spotlight off the stage and pulled it back on all of our executives in this highly interactive session. We ended up with many mentor matches and people exchanging cards to meet again.” – Client
The Mentor Road Trip™ Flash Mentoring is a unique and well-respected program of Twomentor LLC that accelerates leaders of all generations to “Get into the Fast Lane of Your Career”. It is included in all three of our Managed Mentoring Packages (Ready, Set, Launch; Mentoring in a Box; MIB Light)

You will meet, network, mentor, and be mentored by others in this highly dynamic nautical or road trip themed session led by Julie Silard Kantor. Kantor is the President & CEO of high impact company Twomentor, LLC and passionate about mentor training and strategy to elevate a more diverse, skilled workforce.

Interactive Topics and Activities on Mentoring will include:
What impact has mentoring or being mentored had on your professional life?
What core competencies do you have that will truly benefit another person professionally

Sessions start at one hour.
Flash Mentoring is often a 60-minute session that is often bundled with a 45-minute keynote and/or mentor training as part of Twomentor’s Managed Mentoring services.

For example,  we can provide mentee certification training (1.5-2 hours), 1 hour of flash mentoring with the mentors and mentees, followed by mentee certification training (1.5 -2 hours). As mentees are the ones who need to drive the relationship and take ownership of their career trajectory, we feel strongly about training for both sides.

Attendees will really understand the business case/value proposition for mentoring in our multi-generational workforce.

“The people who mentor at your company are the people who drive employee retention, engagement and inclusion at your company,” shares Kantor. The training will be a combination of insightful training, interactive engagement, and networking!

Attendees receive a 5 x7 competency card “Are You Ready to Start Your Mentoring Journey” and attractive follow-up coffee postcard invitations (to continue their discussions if they met someone they’d like to work with or meet again). Additionally, we will include a graduation  certificate closing if they go through mentor training as well.

Speaker: Julie Kantor

Julie is an ‘all-in’ roll-up your sleeves leader committed to building mentoring cultures to drive a happier workforce.  Whether in a board room with executives or working with collaborative teams, Julie instills excitement, inspires commitment, and demonstrates an unwavering drive to succeed. Kantor has worked & consulted with major clients such as: MITRE, Marriott, Verizon, Abbott, NYU, ASAE, AVIXA, Hazelden, Anthem and more. Twomentor, LLC, a management consulting firm focused on turnkey corporate mentor strategy, builds on her 24 years in workforce development and building movements.

Julie was honored by the White House for her 20-year career in youth entrepreneurship education & as a SmartCEO (“15 Leaders We Admire” & Brava Hall of Fame for Women’s Leadership). She has been featured on, Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, Chronicle of Philanthropy,, Huffington Post Live, and AT & T Women Who Inspire.

She is also the author of “I Said Yes: Youth Entrepreneurship in America’s Schools”, “Million Women Mentors & BP’s 20 Hour Mentor Action Guide”, “Youth Entrepreneurship in America” for The Aspen Institute, a contributing author to “Women in STEM: Realizing the Potential” with TCS, and a Business and Tech Blogger for Huffington Post.

Contact: or (*cell 202 431 5016)
Set Up Needs: Projector, lapel microphone, whiteboard (optional), round tables preferred unless under 30 people, flight, hotel, rental car, client dinner or coffee, access to room ideally 45 minutes prior for setup.