Mentor Road Trip™ Flash Mentoring

Let’s start the matching at your company with Twomentor’s exciting, hands-on, facilitated Flash Mentoring sessions (think speed mentoring). We have unique & fun twists and turns as we take participants on the Mentor Road Trip™ journey. This dynamic 60 to 90-minute workshop boosts conferences and sends a message of clarity around the business case and value proposition for mentorship as a driver of employee engagement and retention. We also offer this service to Employee Resource Groups and associations that want to launch a mentoring initiative and can be used as a great strategy for recruitment.

Four experiential model options include:  1] Mentor Road Trip™ Flash Mentoring (basic intro and connecting at all levels), 2] Mentoring@Sea (leadership development for managers and above), 3] Mentor 2.0 Take Flight with Your Sponsor™ (Senior leaders & entrepreneurs), and 4] Feedback Culture (Managers).  Flash Mentoring often include a 30-minute keynote (1.5-2 hours). Education and NGO discounts are available. Contact: for more information.