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Twomentor is a high-impact management consulting company focused on building a happier, more productive, and inclusive workforce. We work with corporations, higher education, professional associations, and non-profits. Consider us an extended part of the team, to build and manage sustainable employee engagement and retention initiatives. Many of the organizations we work with understand the value of mentorship, but do not have the internal bandwidth or expertise to effectively manage their program. We develop, as an extended part of the team, dynamic mentorship, and sponsorship programs aligned with your organization’s unique needs.

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Your outsourced mentoring + sponsorship initiative solution.

Mentoring-in-a-Box Managed Solutions * Merger &Acquisition Unifications * Dynamic Flash (Speed) Mentoring Sessions * Sponsorship * Leadership Development

We also offer a variety of stand alone trainings and virtual events to boost your existing initiatives.

We Want to See Your Employees Thrive!

If you are reading this then you are likely trying

to solve for one of the following five challenges:

Retention and Engagement of Millennials & Generation Z

Increasing Diversity, Inclusion &
a Sense of Belonging at Your Company

How to Transfer Knowledge as Baby Boomer’s Retire

How Leaders Build Their Legacies

Elevating Women (Especially in STEM fields)

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Client Testimonials

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us and share your expertise on mentorship. The conversation was truely inspiring and has sparked many of us to take the first step!

“Julie Kantor has dedicated her skills as a leader in social impact and network building to Leadership Greater Washington for nearly two years. As Co-leader of our 2017 Signature Program, Julie led program days and discussions for some of the Greater Washington’s top leaders. Then whe was instrumental in suggesting and securing some of the highest ranked venues and speakers. Julie also introduced unique approaches to facilitate learning. Additionally, she finds time to volunteer as a Class Ambassador for Leadership Greater Washington, representing the Class of 2000 and their role in our membership network. Thus, Julie is an expert in the field of community building and mentorship and lends her knowledge and expertise to numerous initiatives resulting in measurable successes and lasting impact on her clients.”

Jenn Crenshaw says!

Thank you so much for joining Anthem’s Government Business Divisions executive leadership summit. I have received feedback from many of the leaders in attendance who have described the session as impactful. However, they described you as enthusiastic, contagious, brave, and bold. So, the time spent making the business case for mentorship and sponsorship was the perfect set up for the time spent on flash mentoring. Several leaders have shared with me individually that they were inspired to both be a better mentor and to find mentors who can challenge them to grow. Therefore, we look forward to working with you again soon.

We were so lucky enough to have Julie Kantor, CEO Twomentor LLC as the keynote presenter and facilitator for our HR Alliance kick-off event. She was inspiring and energetic and then came with a thorough understanding of how culture, diversity, and engagement combine for multi-generational workforce productivity and retention. Her stats were compelling and sharp, and therefore her insights were thought-provoking. Feedback ratings were excellent. Best of all, the two-hour session was interactive and interesting as Julie challenged the audience to work together in several table exercises that helped reinforce her message

Jill Klein Says!

Business@American (American University) is so proud to be working with Julie Kantor and her colleagues at Twomentor to help us accelerate our career services programming for our fully online MBA and MS Analytics degree programs at the Kogod School of Business. Building on Twomentor’s mentoring expertise, thus Julie brings creativity to help design new ways to engage this student community for career success.

South Florida Business Journal had the pleasure of working with Julie Kantor, President and CEO of Twomentor, LLC as our keynote speaker to kick off the 2019 BizWomen Mentoring Monday program. Her energy, enthusiasm and charisma were amazing, only to be outdone by her poignant message to our 200 attendees. Our mentors and mentees alike enjoyed her presentation as much as we did! We can’t wait to have her back again for next year’s program. Finally, Thank you for a job well done!

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