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About This White Paper

Often, workplace mentoring initiatives are perceived as ‘nice to have’ or just ‘good for employee morale’. While both these perceptions are valid, the research clearly shows mentorship is not just nice to have–it is a must have for overall employee and business success. This report compiles the latest research and groundbreaking insights on the return on investment of workplace mentoring programs. In particular, it describes the impact of mentoring initiatives on: talent development, manager success, retention, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion.

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Featured in this report

  Eight key lessons from Twomentor

  Four impactful case studies

Develop Talent

Boost manager success

  Increase Retention
.....(espically for millennials)

Promote D&I

Drive engagement

The case for formal mentoring ......initiatives

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Julie Kantor [CEO]


MacKenzie Moore [Director]


Kirstyn Pegg [Manager]