Mentor2.0 Hybrid Mentor + Sponsor Program

Our new multi-generational workforce needs role models, mentors, and sponsors to drive engagement, retention and inclusion. The Mentor2.0 model seamlessly drives workforce preparedness, skills development, and management effectiveness through mentorship, while simultaneously working with the senior leadership team to elevate diverse talent and facilitate large-scale cultural change. These programs integrate a robust top-down and bottom-up model to efficiently leverage the full impacts of mentorship and sponsorship in your company.

Mentoring relationships have the potential to lead to lasting and positive changes for both people involved, helping them build and strengthen personal brands, leadership and business ethics. If you’ve already had the opportunity to blaze a trail as a leader you have likely built solid relationships along the way—relationships that can be enhanced as a sponsor as well. A mentor guides and advises. In contrast, a sponsor elevates and champions others behind closed doors. Sponsorship puts people front and center, builds engagement and boosts their confidence. In the Mentor2.0 Model, our team trains leaders to be good mentors, sponsors or both, implement an infrastructure of accountability, perform regular check-ins with program participants, evaluate program success and more.