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Interested in elevating your conference or amplifying your organization’s mentoring efforts? Look no further. Twomentor is here to deliver memorable, impactful experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. With over 60 dynamic keynotes and insightful podcasts, we are renowned for our engaging presentations and our unique Flash Mentoring Sessions. Our Mentor Road Trip™ Flash Mentoring offers a personalized touch, ensuring that mentoring drives deep human connections. We tailor our 6 to 12-month mentoring initiatives to meet your specific needs, creating a customized approach to mentoring 2.0 that resonates with all participants.

Introducing Our New 2024 Offering: Leadership Legacy

Discover the power of mentorship and sponsorship with our Leadership Legacy sessions. A mentor connects with you while a sponsor advocates for you, opening doors and championing your success in pivotal, behind-the-scenes ways. These roles are crucial for fostering trust, well-being, and retention within your organization. Our session not only delves into the essential differences between mentors and sponsors but also provides a hands-on approach to building these relationships. Participants will engage in dynamic, experiential 1:1 “Take Flight w/ Your Sponsor” flash mentoring sessions, gaining practical insights into establishing effective sponsorship and co-sponsorship dynamics.

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Ready to significantly impact your next event or within your organization? Schedule a call with Twomentor today and let us discuss how we can bring our expertise in mentoring and leadership development to your team or audience. Whether through our engaging keynotes, interactive flash mentoring sessions, or comprehensive mentoring initiatives, we’re here to help you build a legacy of leadership and connection.

Twomentor’s Mentor Road Trip™ Tour Across 20+ Cities

Twomentor embarked on an ambitious 20-city tour, bringing innovative mentoring strategies and leadership insights to a diverse array of professionals and industries. Here’s a snapshot of our journey:

  1. Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Women in Technology Conference – Mistress of Ceremonies.
  2. Los Angeles, CA: Keynote and Flash Mentoring for Audio Visual Industry Executives.
  3. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Keynote for Female Executive Mentors & Mentees, South Florida Business Journal at FIU.
  4. Minneapolis, MN: Mentor Training for Medical Sales Executives.
  5. New York City, NY: Catalyst Conference – Best Practices for Women Executives & Men as Allies.
  6. McLean, VA: Inclusion Mentoring Training for a Government Contractor.
  7. Bedford, MA: Inclusion Mentoring Training for the Research & Development Industry.
  8. Delaware: Alumni Mentoring in the Legal Profession, University of Delaware.
  9. Global: ASAE Webinar – Mentor 2.0: Mentorship + Sponsorship.
  10. San Francisco, CA: Leaders in the Optics Industry.
  11. Bogota, Colombia: Entrepreneurship + Mentoring with EO.
  12. San Jose, CA: Women in Technology International – Emcee and Presenter.
  13. Orlando, FL: Mentoring @ Sea, InfoComm.
  14. St. Paul, MN: Leadership on Mentoring and Sponsorship in the Treatment/Addiction Industry.
  15. Toronto, Canada: Mentor + Mentee Training for AV and IT Executives.
  16. Jupiter, FL: Best Practices in Internship Program Mentor Training for MBAs.
  17. Dallas, TX: Flash Mentoring for Managers.
  18. Washington, DC: Diversity Council -ERG- Session for Global Non-Profit Leaders @ Chemonics.
  19. Florida: HR Florida 2019 SHRM, SHRM Palm Beach, NACCE Conference for Community Colleges.
  20. Deerfield Beach, FL: Lunch and Learn with SiriusXM.
  21. Des Moines, IA: Leadership Legacy Session, Master Builders Association.

Proud Additional Engagements:

  • World Bank & Federal Reserve Bank: Keynote engagements focused on diversity and mentorship.
  • Louis Berger & Leadership Greater Washington: Mentor and Mentee Training, Co-Chaired Class of 2017.
  • Verizon Wireless & Watermark Executive Women’s Conference: Senior Leadership Retreat and Break-out Session for 600.
  • ASAE & Ratner Companies: Keynote sessions for Women Association Leaders and Executive Committee Session.
  • Royal Caribbean & HR Alliance: ERG Session for Diversity and Mentor Roadtrip™ Flash Mentoring.
  • IBM & White House Mentoring Conference: Global Webinar on Co-Sponsorship and Mentoring Conference Participation.
  • United Nations & National Utilities Diversity Council: TedX style presentation and National Webinars.
  • Women in Technology International & Anthem, Inc.: Keynote and flash mentoring sessions focusing on elevating women and mentorship.
  • American University & Leadership Montgomery County: Flash Mentoring for MS Analytics Students and Multi-Generational Workforce Training.
  • Sidwell Friends High School & Junior League of Washington: Sessions on internship success and mentor-ability.
  • Georgetown University & US News & World Report STEM Solutions Conference: Keynote on female entrepreneurship and elevating women & girls in STEM.

This tour underscores Twomentor’s commitment to enhancing mentorship cultures and leadership development across the globe, creating a ripple effect of positive change in organizations and communities.

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