Julie Silard Kantor

“The people who mentor and sponsor at your company are the people who drive retention and employee wellbeing at your company.”

Founder & CEO

Julie Silard Kantor, CEO of Twomentor.com, epitomizes leadership excellence in workforce retention and the cultivation of mentoring and sponsorship cultures within the corporate landscape. They say a mentor speaks with you and a sponsor champions you behind closed doors, Julie and her team build both around leadership legacy. With an extensive track record of enhancing employee engagement and leadership adaptability across global and Fortune 500 companies, her contributions have markedly strengthened organizational dynamics. As the author of “I Said YES!” and numerous influential white papers, Julie’s thought leadership in mentoring and workplace wellbeing is well-documented, providing vital insights for navigating the complexities of remote and hybrid work environments.

Her dedication to fostering inclusive and vibrant corporate cultures has significantly impacted organizational growth, productivity, and retention rates. A trusted figure in executive circles, Julie’s ability to energize top leadership and galvanize teams towards shared goals is unparalleled. Her accolades include Price-Babson College fellow, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Accelerator, leadership within Million Women Mentors, Executive Director of Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (1992- 2012) in multiple markets, and commendations from the White House for her enduring contributions to entrepreneurship education.

Julie’s consultancy extends across esteemed institutions and corporations, including Baptist Healthcare, Anthem, NYU, COSTCO, Sodexo, RAND, Federal Reserve Bank, and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, to name a few. Her global outreach was showcased in a compelling TEDx style presentation at the UN, addressing 400 global Millennials on social impact, further solidifying her position as a powerful speaker.

Recognized by the White House and lauded as a SmartCEO, Julie’s prolific career is highlighted by her authoritative voice in publications such as CNN.com, CNBC, Washington Post, and Forbes.com. A graduate of Sidwell Friends and Simmons College, her diverse interests from travel to the arts, complement her professional achievements, illustrating a well-rounded leader committed to mentorship and innovation. Contact Julie at julie@twomentor.com and connect on LinkedIn at www.LinkedIn.com/in/juliekantor for a partnership in driving forward mentoring initiatives and leadership development.

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Assistant to the CEO:
Sophia Daniels (SophiaD@twomentor.com)


Joebell Buenviaje – Sales Assistant

Scott E. – IT

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We also recognize with much gratitude our associates who served with and helped build the company both past and present:

Mackenzie Moore, Kristen Pegg, Bridget McKeough, Febin Bellamy, Matt Curry, Delia Borbone, Lauren Bolduc, Samantha Nardone, Ana Estela Fernandez, Devi Jagadesan, Amina Tasneem,  Jhane Sears, Marcus Sheppard, Matt Berger…

Chief Happiness Officer(s)

Naomi Kantor (11-pound Havanese) is known to come to work a day or two a week and is a big hit with our interns. Proud to share that on January 10, 2021, Luci Kantor our new rescue dog was just promoted to Chief Disrupution Officer!