During our 21 – city corporate mentoring road trip, we encountered some amazing crowds and people we’ll never forget.  We’d like to discuss one of our clients today.

When we arrived at Hazelden Betty Ford, we were blown away by the experience.  We worked with Kierstin Justinger who leads the Workforce Strategy Team within the HR Department on the event.  Everyone we encountered was very impressive.  They were ready to work, and more importantly, ready to learn from us and from each other.

Hazelden Betty Ford’s HR Department is led by Dawne Carlson and she championed their Mentorship Program Kick Off.  Their two-day program brought together the executive leadership team and up and coming leaders who graduated from their internal Leadership Academy Program and will be the next generation CXO’s.  I was amazed at the level of skill that many of the mentees brought to the sessions – they could become mentors themselves very quickly!

We were there to start solving for multiple reasons:

  • Develop supervisors, managers, and directors to be ready for executive positions as they anticipate numerous retirements on their executive team in the coming years
  • Increase relationships and engagement among the leadership team nationwide
  • Build and strengthen a multi-generational diverse workforce
  • Discuss critical issues as leaders such as burnout and isolation that permeates our workplaces

We conducted Twomentor’s Flash Mentoring and then trained and certified all of the mentors and mentees.  We included a great deal of sponsor training in order to drive diversity from the higher ranks of the association.

The caliber of the Hazelden Betty Ford leaders we were fortunate to work with was incredibly impressive.  There was such an amazing culture of passion for the mission and a longevity and dedication where so many of the employees have been there 10, 15, or even 20 years or more.  It was obvious they are working together with a shared purpose to be the leading addiction treatment and research center in the country.

Seeing this leadership team sharing the same vision and working together with purpose really shows the payoff of the company’s investment in developing their leadership team.  There was a tremendous amount of good will and believe it will truly show in the results for the greater addiction field.

Our lead partner at Hazelden Betty Ford, Kierstin Justinger, really did a great job facilitating some tremendous “World Café” sessions on day two, which added some real focus on multigenerational workplace and addressing corporate burnout and isolation.

The Hazelden Betty Ford leadership team now has their mentor and mentee certifications and The Mentor Road Trip™ action guide from Twomentor to use going forward.  After two days, the mentees had all the information they needed to choose their top choices for mentors. The overall rating for the two-day sessions was at 88%. They launched their nine-month initiative in July and it will run to March 2020.  The executive team has already set time aside for their next senior leadership team meeting to discuss their Mentorship Program and the benefits they are experiencing from mentorship.


Corporate Mentoring is a proven way to better engage your workforce and combat corporate fatigue and corporate burnout, which was recently named by the World Health Organization as a legitimate medical diagnosis.  Becoming a mentor or mentee gives you structure and people to talk to about your issues, a shoulder to lean on and a pair of hands to boost you up.  To learn more about how Twomentor’s Corporate Mentoring programs can help your organization, please visit https://www.twomentor.com/contact/ to join our mailing list and schedule a consultation.  Twomentor is your corporate mentoring solution: we want to see your employees thrive!