Personal Mentor Tool

Welcome to the Do I Need A Mentor Tool! Personal Version

This tool is compiled of a short survey with the BEST possible questions to determine if you are in need of a personal mentor.

Thank you for taking time to invest in yourself!

Email Address
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

Are you satisfied with your career progression over the last 1-5 years?


Do you feel valued professionally?


Do you think you would benefit from speaking to someone with more experience?


Do you have professional goals?


Would it help to have someone think through your goals and strategies to achieve them with you?


Are you open to feedback and other people’s perspectives?


Are you able to commit 2-3 hours a month to invest in a mentoring relationship for the next 6 months to a year?


Are you dealing with a professional challenge (big or small) that someone could help you with?


Are you willing to take the lead in scheduling meetings and agenda with your mentor?


Are you able to share gratitude, insights, and appreciation with someone who can help you?

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